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Allen Edmonds


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Just like the signature lasts that give our footwear its form during the construction process, shoe trees are essential to maintaining a shoe's shape over time and preventing bending and cracking in the uppers. Our styles are made in Wisconsin using sustainably harvested, American hardwood cedar, a material that helps to absorb odors and harmful moisture. This design also features an adjustable split-toe that makes it an especially good fit for extra wide or narrow feet.

    • Split-toe cedar shoe trees
    • Adjustable toe design makes it perfect for extra wide or narrow feet

    • Maintains the form of your footwear, preventing the bending and cracking in the uppers that occur during normal wear
    • Aromatic cedar eliminates odors and helps to absorb harmful moisture

  • Handcrafted in Wisconsin
  • Made from more than 75% hardwood cedar, responsibly harvested in Arkansas